The Storytelling Handbook for Young Activists is an outcome of a long effort of experts from Norway, Bulgaria, Romania, and Sweden. It has been created as a practical guide for youth workers to support young people in learning how to express their opinions and ideas on political and social issues, and how to use storytelling techniques and powerful stories to influence decision-makers or other stakeholders that affect young people’s lives.

The handbook includes storytelling techniques, methods, tools, exercises which youth workers and educators can use to help young people to: identify the personal stories/motivational stories; advocacy/communication campaigns; collect relevant and powerful stories of other people that could be used in their campaigns; identify and use the right storytelling techniques and approach for the campaigns, understand how transmedia storytelling works, and when and how visual storytelling should be used; plan the storytelling campaigns, using tools like Storytelling canvas or the design thinking process; plan the stories/the presentations using tools like the story map, storyboard, story script, etc.; identify and use appropriate ICT and digital skills for the storytelling campaigns, learning also methods that involve augmented, virtual or mixed reality or interactive storytelling techniques.

Download the storytelling milagers as pdf